A New Image for 2019

For almost 20 years, Lib Dem Image have been the official supplier of Liberal Democrat merchandise, campaign materials, clothing, gifts & books.

In 2005, we developed Lib Dem Image’s first online shop – previously they had sold only via phone and mail order and from stalls at Party conferences.

Although the shop was developed for a “tight” budget even then, it grew to become their main sales platform quite rapidly. However, although it has been clear for many years that the site needed some investment, LDI and the Party had not been in the position to invest in a significant refresh. So, until now, the 2005 site, with a few tweaks and a very limited investment in development had continued to trade and work securely and effectively, but looking, with the best will in the world… dated.

Wind forward to 2018, and Lib Dem Image and the Party agree a new long term agreement to extend LDI’s contract as official supplier. This gave all sides the confidence to look at and invest in updating their web site. Having worked with them for 13 years and with great experience of their service and needs, we were delighted they spoke to us about that redevelopment!

And launching at the start of 2019, we’re proud to introduce the new Lib Dem Image website. Based on WooCommerce and WordPress, the site is now fully mobile and tablet friendly, hosted on our own UK based secure WordPress hosting.¬†Payments are being taken through Stripe, which offered good value to LDI and a full API and seamless integration into WooCommerce which we enjoyed!

Although WooCommerce and WordPress are both open source systems, customising, integrating with other systems and hosting them takes some expertise. Because we’ve used both systems on a variety of projects, from shops to writing competitions, we know many of the issues that will be faced and can tackle them quickly and effectively.

We’ve worked with LDI on a more logical categorisation of the products and they are photographing their way through their several hundred product range – still a work in progress but it’s getting there! Equally we’ve worked on enhancing the buyer experience, taking full details of product personalisation at the point of purchase, enhancing product descriptions and replacing a slightly opaque delivery pricing structure with a much clearer “delivery included” pricing, with significant discounts for larger purchases.

We’ve connected the site with MailChimp so that purchasers who agree to accept future emails and updates from Lib Dem Image (in a fully GDPR compliant way!) are added to LDI’s own MailChimp list so they can be simply contacted again in future.

So – new for 2019, the new Lib Dem Image website. Although we don’t expect it to last quite as long as its successor without significant change, as its based on known and well supported platforms (WooCommerce and WordPress) we see no reason why, with a small ongoing investment to keep pushing forward, it can’t help to support the LDI, and Liberal Democrat campaigning, for many more years to come.

If you are looking to launch (or relaunch) an online shop on WordPress and WooCommerce and could use some support, then get in touch. We’re confident our expertise and experience can make your new site can help you too.