SDC Systems: To WordPress and beyond…

SDC Systems homepage

SDC Systems is a company that understands security vulnerability so when they wanted to host their own WordPress site we didn’t mind!

Although we recommend that we host your website for you, it doesn’t have to be that way…

We were approached in April 2016 by data software and security company SDC Systems. They were looking to move their website from a legacy system to WordPress. This was in order to make the site easier to update and add new content.

Initially they wanted the change to occur with the minimum of design changes. They also wanted to continue to host their new site in-house as they clearly had significant technical expertise. We did so for them, porting their content and site structure with a limited number of changes in under two working days – all to time and specification.

A couple of months ago they came back to us looking for a redesign of their site to freshen the look and feel and also to work well on screen sizes from mobile to desktop.

We set up a development version of their site on our own servers, took a full back-up of their existing site and set-up. This allowed us to then work on that development  along side them on all aspects of the design from redesigning their logo onwards. When the new design and structure was agreed, we then worked through them applying the new design (and the WordPress changes required) and reimporting a back-up to bring their new site online in the shortest possible time.

All completed to the agreed budget and up and running before Christmas, as required!

We work with organisations and companies, understanding their needs and working with them. Ranging from bespoke builds to customising off-the-shelf products – is what we do.

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