Abuse Policy

We take server security and that of our clients very seriously. We will investigate any reports of untoward behaviour emanating from our servers.
Thankfully such reports are rare and actual instances of problems rarer. However, we want to hear from you if you have reason to suspect our servers to be the source of any abuse. This can include but not be limited to spam, attempted hacking, viruses, or DDOS attacks.

All our customers for whom we register domain names or host online services have agreed to comply with our terms and conditions. If you have reason to suspect that a site or service hosted by Prater Raines is in breach of our terms and conditions, the law, or reasonable use, please email us at abuse@praterraines.co.uk. Please provide as many details about your complaint as possible, including any relevant log files, website or service address, IP addresses, copies of emails, date, times, and other details of problems experienced.

We will acknowledge receipt of any complaint or customer contact to the above address within 3 working days of receipt. We may, as appropriate, request further information to assist our investigation and identify and resolve any issue if this is possible.