At Prater Raines we love spending time with you getting to know how your company works, so we can build you online tools and websites that ease your workload and allow you to get on with the thing you do best: running your business.

Over the August Bank Holiday weekend Sandgate (where Prater Raines is based) holds an annual Sea and Food Festival. There’s free music, a public fireworks display from the beach on the Saturday night and a range of entertainment and food stalls on the Sunday.

Prater Raines are delighted to invite our customers down to visit Sandgate to join us for a few drinks, some food and fireworks on Saturday 25th August.

Nothing fancy: if the weather plays nicely, we’ll be on and around the beach: if not, in and around Sandgate & local pubs!

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Prater Raines are delighted to have been accredited by the Liberal Democrats as an Approved Supplier under their GDPR compliance programme. We’ve been supplying website to the Party for over 15 years so really hoped we would!

The accreditation is for our Lib Dem “Foci” website service as a “Website, Email, Campaigns and Social Media Platform”.

However, our WordPress installations and support are also acknowledged to meet their GDPR compliance requirements as well, with EU (actually UK) hosting, always running the latest version, automatically upgrading on your behalf, ensuring data is stored within the local WordPress database, regular plugin updates and built-in SSL support.

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SDC Systems homepage

Although we recommend that we host your website for you, it doesn’t have to be that way…

We were approached in April 2016 by data software and security company SDC Systems. They were looking to move their website from a legacy system to WordPress to make it rather easier to update and add new content.

At that stage they wanted this change to occur with the minimum of design changes, and also to host their new site in-house as they clearly had significant technical experyise. We did so for them, porting their content and site structure with a limited number of changes in under two working days – all to time and specification.

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We’ve been delighted to work on Major Foodie since moving to our hosting a few weeks ago, and have already delivered the first batch of changes that site owner Richard had been seeking.

The changes have been about evolution not revolution: tweaking design and functionality to be easier to use, work better on a range of devices and make reviews and content east to find – all to Richard’s specification.

As examples of the changes, on the home page we’ve reworked the main image slider, making it resize nicely whatever screen size (and orientation) of device you are reading on, adding captions to each picture and a click through to the relevant review in each case. We’ve also added a bespoke styled Twitter feed to bring their very active Twitter presence to the front page of the site in a style that fits well with the rest of the content rather than a standard plug-in.

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When we first met Major Foodie, his WordPress site had been going some time, and although he was, in the main, happy with it there were some changes and upgrades that his previous developers hadn’t been able to deliver.

A little while after our first discussions the site started to have problems, and, when we investigated it became clear it had been hacked.

We cleaned the site on its existing shared hosting, updated and re-set logins and passwords, restored files (from a back-up we’d taken when we first met – there was otherwise no regular backup in place), updated PHP, the WordPress install itself and the plug-ins to the site which were out of date, and generally got things back up and running.

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Hampshire Foot and Ankle clinic

The Hampshire Foot and Ankle Clinic combines the expertise of consultant orthopaedic surgeons, podiatrists and physiotherapists with a special interest in foot and ankle conditions.

We moved the Hampshire Foot and Ankle Clinic to a new WordPress website with content imported from their legacy website in March 2016.

Like all our WordPress installations we keep it up to date with the latest updates and offer a host of other support – like making the site a https secured site, full daily back-ups, domain name renewal – as standard.

FIM Capital Corporate website screenshot

We’ve launched the first of two new websites for FIM Capital Ltd, who have recently changed their name from IOMA Fund and Investment Management Limited.

We worked with FIM Capital’s selected designer The Hive to deliver a sleek, easily updated website that looks good on devices from desktop to mobile.

The site is based on WordPress, making it an easy to maintain and cost-effective option, but overlaid with completely bespoke design and a few neat touches!

Prater Raines advised on site usability throughout the development process, proposing solutions that would ensure the best possibly usability of the sites design on all devices and screen sizes.

Kent Recovery had a pre-existing website through an on-line site building service, but it had display problems on some browsers and was poorly listed in search engines.

Prater Raines redesigned the site to make the service offer clearer, work well on all browsers using a responsive design, and to be easier to find in search engines. We also worked to source new images throughout, remake logos and rewrite and optimise the text content throughout the site.

The client is pleased with the new look of the site, and within a few days the site was performing considerably better in search engines.

Be Media Savvy screenshot

A small “contact card” site developed for renowned campaigner and Public Relations specialist Lynne Beaumont.

Fittingly with Valentine’s Day tomorrow, we LOVE our latest website – launched today!

The Ad Trailers Kent website is an example of responsive design and makes use of CSS media queries to adapt to the needs of the end user. It was produced for a local startup to complement their offline marketing materials.

The site is built around a simple colour scheme, with minimal graphics, and contains a few static pages to showcase what Ad Trailers Kent has to offer. To give a sense of motion to the site we’ve added vertical animation to the navigation between pages.

The responsive aspects of the design are constructed to take into account the most common tablet and mobile phone screen resolutions. The menu location is able to switch on a mobile phone in order to suit the needs of a much smaller screen, thus preserving the motion within the site to keep the design feeling interesting.