Email Hosting

Email Hosting

We offer hosting of email on our servers using IMAP or POP for access from your favourite email reader application. We offer secure access over TLS as standard. With this service you can send email from your domain name using our secure SMTP server which runs on ports 25 and 587 in case your ISP blocks the standard port 25. In addition we provide a web-based alternative interface to your email. If you have a PDA or smartphone we provide push email using IMAP IDLE.

There is a charge of £2.10 +VAT per mailbox per month for hosting email on our servers, including 512MiB of email storage. Each further 512MiB incurs an additional charge of £1 +VAT per month.

Filtering and Spam Prevention

We filter all incoming email for spam and viruses, whether the final recipient is a local mailbox or the mail will be redirected to another provider. As a result we currently reject around 1,650,000 spam and malware emails a week (about 98% of all incoming messages). Because all our mail is received through the same servers, and the filtering is server-wide, you cannot completely opt out of our spam and virus filtering service. Filtering is a multi-stage process:

If we provide your domain name, we add an SPF record to your domain as standard. This record publishes information about which mail servers are permitted to send mail from your domain, and reduces spam sent by other servers claiming to be from your email address. If you want to send mail from your domain without using our servers (for example, from a mail server in your office), you should let us know so we can update the record. If we redirect email for you, we use SRS to ensure your legitimate email is not rejected by your ISP.

To find out how to set up your email address, click here.