Organisations & Campaigners

Prater Raines has years of experience developing and hosting websites and online systems that help campaign groups get their message across to activists and to the public.

The Sandgate Business Forum website offers free listings to all local businesses and also co-ordinates a free business email list to update businesses on forthcoming local events and news. Prater Raines put together the site, including the design and branding, which has then been reflected elsewhere in the Sandgate Community – from street flags to the Sandgate Parish Council website.

Updated 14/11/2016 – site moved to WordPress and new tools added.

20’s Plenty for Sandgate is the website for Sandgate Parish Council’s 20’s Plenty campaign. The aim of the campaign is to change the speed limit in residential streets to 20MPH.

The site incorporates various WordPress plugins to allow users to support the campaign, sign up to volunteer as part of the campaign, and also to receive newsletters about the progress of the campaign and other 20’s Plenty news.

Over the last year, Prater Raines have completely rebuilt the CIPR Conversation, a site built on WordPress and featuring content aggregated and commissioned from a wide range of Public Relations contributors, and curated by the CIPR themselves.

Since deployment we’ve further continued to work with the CIPR to continue to develop the Conversation, enhancing the design and adding many new interactive and multimedia components from video to podcasts to opinion polls – all wrapped in a responsive design that should look good on any device.

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Prater Raines started working with the Radical Middle Way on incremental improvements to their existing website in October 2011 and were very excited to be selected to completely overhaul the site in conjunction with web design agency Make Me Believe.

We worked closely with both the client and the designer to create a website which is simple to use and update but also dynamic, attractive, and responsive.

The new build takes advantage of the company’s large existing resource of graphical, video, and audio material to create an engaging site that feels rich with content yet with a structure that is easy to understand and browse around.

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When the CIPR needed to transfer from their existing developers, Prater Raines worked with them to minimise the disruption of transfer of their web hosting and providers.

The CIPR have a number of different sites, all of which needed transferring to new hosting hardware, including the configuration of new virtual machines. By liaising carefully with the previous developers, managing the domain name transfer process, running our own DNS servers, and specifying, buying and installing new servers, the three public facing websites were publicly available throughout the transfer with no downtime, and editing and updating of the sites was restricted for just a few minutes.

With their sites transfered, we offer help-desk support to their team through an online ticketing system (as well as through phone support and meeting up on-site: we believe in “real person” support!).

Our support includes hosting support, domain management, dealing with any technical issues, dealing directly with third-party providers on the CIPR’s behalf and bugfixing for a straightforward annual support fee.

We are also working with the CIPR on enhancements and developments to their site, offering cost-effective web development.

The Gurkha Justice Campaign was one of the most successful lobbying campaigns of the last 10 years, delivering justice for Gurkhas who had fought for the British Army but were denied citizenship of this country.

Prater Raines Ltd supported the online campaign with expert advice, domain registration, website set-up and design, site and email copy-writing, email dispatch, and campaign management.

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