CIPR Influence

CIPR Influence screenshot

Today we’ve helped the CIPR (Chartered Institute of Public Relations) launch a newly designed site to complement their new print and digital offering for members and other PR professionals Influence.

As they say:

To complement the print quarterly, the Influence brand has replaced CIPR Conversation in the form of a newly designed and responsive website, which is now live at

This new site will feature choice selections of content from the print edition, and will also bring you the most interesting blogs, opinions and views from the exciting and ever-evolving world of public relations.

We hope you enjoy Influence in all of its forms – and we’d encourage you to share your views over the next days, weeks and months @CIPR_UK / #Influence.

Influence replaces the Conversation website which we built for the CIPR a little over a year ago: a WordPress based website that features both bespoke content and curated aggregated content from a wide range of CIPR members Public Relations blogs and sites.

The redesign work was based on design concepts and images supplied by the CIPR’s publication partner Think Publishing.

From their storyboards, we developed the revised look and feel, while also intentionally retaining some design concepts from the main CIPR website (which we also host and develop) as well as ensuring and easy to use, fluid and responsive design.

The redesign required a new WordPress theme and a developing a handful of new plugins to support the revised functionality.

Although we were all working to tight deadlines the site redesign was delivered and brought live in time to be announced alongside the launch of their new partner magazine.

It’s clearly early days, but we’re pleased with the immediate reaction!