Gurkha Justice Campaign

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

The Gurkha Justice Campaign was one of the most successful lobbying campaigns of the last 10 years, delivering justice for Gurkhas who had fought for the British Army but were denied citizenship of this country.

Campaign leader Peter Carroll has recently recorded the campaign in his book “Gurkha: The true Story of a Campaign For Justice”. Tim Prater of Prater Raines had been involved in the campaign pretty much from the first days of Peter’s involvement in 2004, and when the campaign moved up a gear with the involvement of Joanna Lumley in 2009, Peter asked Prater Raines to deliver the web based aspects of the campaign.

Prater Raines Ltd supported the online campaign with expert advice, domain registration, website set-up and design, site and email copy-writing, email dispatch, and campaign management.

Our passionate involvement with the cause ensured we understood the issues and obstacles that needed to be overcome. Ideas generated in late night brainstorming meetings with Peter, Joanna and the core team were then, in the cold light of day, turned into one of the biggest online campaigns seen to that date: a campaign that in the end overturned Government policy and won real Gurkha justice.

During the campaign we sent hundreds of thousands of emails and collected over 140,000 signatures on the website alone. At its peak the website handled thousands of sign-ups every minute.

We also put together the online merchandising campaign (with our lovely friends at Spreadshirt) that fully funded the WHOLE online campaign cost through T-shirt sales commissions.