The Gold Touch for Midas

Midas Training website screenshot

Great to relaunch the Midas Training website this week. We rebuilt their existing site on WordPress, hosted and supported by us on our own UK based servers.

We moved all existing content from the former Midas Training website to the new one. In the process we fixed up some content on transfer, and set-up their WordPress site using our tried and tested WordPress solution.

The advantage of the move to WordPress is that its a fully supported platform.  We keep WordPress up to date and patched with the latest security updates as they happen. Offering services like 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) admin login “out of the box” means that, configured well, its both a secure and really well understood platform.

We work with organisations and companies, understanding their needs and working with them. Ranging from bespoke builds to customising off-the-shelf products – is what we do.

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