A Better Business Directory

Sandgate Business Directory Map View

In recent weeks, we’ve spent time updating and improving the Sandgate Business Directory  to be even better!  There are new images of local businesses, opening hours and contact information.

As it is a difficult time with another Lockdown, we have added information about delivery and collection services that are currently being offered.  Helping everyone to keep on going during this very difficult time! 

Sandgate Business Directory offers a free entry for every local business. The directory contains a geolocated business finder with map view,  based on OpenStreetMap. This links to a full page entry for each business.  There are local events listed such as the Farmer’s market and local sports events. Built on WordPress and hosted and supported on our own UK servers.

If you have a Sandgate business, check out if your FREE entry is there – for new listings or amendments get in touch!